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Ph.D. SUNY at Stony Brook 1976 English
M.A. Boston College 1969 English
B.A. Brown University 1967 English

Dissertation: "William Blake: The Sexual Dynamics of His Early Illuminated Works"
Thesis Adviser: Professor David V. Erdman



1986- Professor University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
1980-1986 Associate Professor University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
1975-1980 Assistant Professor University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
1974-1975 Instructor Whitman College
1971-1974 Teaching Assistant SUNY at Stony Brook


Administrative Positions:

1994-1996 Dean, Continuing Education and Summer Programs: Offered approximately 300 credit courses and 200 non-credit courses per year with a self-generating budget and a staff of 15.

1993-1994 Chairman of the English Department: Offered 3 tracks to undergraduate majors (literature, writing, drama/film) and graduate program in professional writing; approximately 23 full time professors; 15 part-time instructors; 15 teaching assistants.

1992- Co-Founder and Co-Leader of the Changing Lives Through Literature Program: a nationally recognized alternative sentencing program for criminal offenders. Programs in Massachusetts, New York, Kansas, Texas, Arizona, and in England.

1987- 1989: Associate Dean ( 1988- 1989); Assistant Dean ( 1987-1988); College of Arts and Sciences: Worked closely over a set two year period with new dean on personnel, student and financial matters. Editor of NEASC ten year report.

1981-1996 : Co-Director and Co-Founder, Center for Jewish Culture: planned and implemented several self-supported cultural programs each year including a Judaic Institute each June, lectures, films, dance, group discussions, oral history project, and as such.

1981-1988: Communication Management Company (1981-1985);
Tricom Inc. (1981- 1988) : Worked as communication consultant for business and industry and for public sector organizations.


“Losing Jonathan”: an article published in the Boston Globe Magazine (June 17, 2001) about the tragic loss of his beloved son Jonathan.

Changing Lives Through Literature (co-edited with Jean Trounstine) Notre Dame Press (1999): An anthology of literature, with extensive introductions and notes, based on the Changing Lives Through Literature Program.

Success Stories: Life Skills Through Literature (co-authored with Jean Trounstine and Meghan McLaughlin) U. S. Department of Education (1997): a booklet used by educators interested in teaching literature in prisons.

"The Mixed Heritage of the Chief: Revisiting the Problem of Manhood in Kesey's ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST" in Journal of Popular Culture (Winter 1995), pp.215-225: An essay exploring the meaning and implications of the mixed heritage of the central narrator in the novel.

"Journey Down the River" in The Book Group Book (ed. Ellen Slezak, Chicago Review Press:1995 (reissued in enlarged format in 1999), pp. 102-107: An essay discussing the literature program I established as an alternative sentencing program for criminal offenders; Margaret Atwood wrote an introduction to the book.

"TQM: Labor-Management Cooperation" (co-authored with Thomas Higginson) in Total Quality Management (ed. Harry Costin, The Dryden Press: 1994), pp. 421-429: An essay discussing labor-management teamwork.

"Changing Lives Through Literature Program" (co-authored with Robert Kane) in Community Corrections Report: On Law and Corrections Practice (January/February 1993): An essay discussing the theory and practice of our alternative sentencing program.

" The Impotent Father: Roth and Peretz" in A Mensch Among Men ( ed. Harry Brod, The Crossing Press :1988), pp.92-95: An essay in an anthology on Jewish masculinity; other contributors include Letty Cottin Pogebrin, Andrea Dworkin, Arthur Waskow.

"On Process" in Journal of Business Communications (Winter 1987), pp.41-42: An essay discussing the centrality and meaning of the writing process within the business environment.

"The Virgin Mantle Displaced: Blake's Early Attempt" in Modern Language Studies (Winter 1982), pp.45-52: An essay exploring the poetry and designs in two of William Blake's works.

"Two with Caution" in Novel (Winter 1981), pp.179-183: A review essay discussing two books of literary criticism concerned with contemporary American novels.

"Chief Bromden's Truth" in Notes on Modern American Fiction (Summer 1980), Note # 20: A brief discussion on the implications of the first chapter of Ken Kesey's One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.

Polit: A Journal for Literature and Politics (Fall 1977): Served as co-editor of this academic journal concerned with the relationship of literature and politics.

Awards and Recognitions:

1998 University’s Presidential Award for Public Service (system-wide)

1997- State Legislative Funding for Changing Lives Through Literature Program

1991- Participant in grants from the Shaw Foundation and Mass Foundation for the Humanities to continue work on "alternative sentencing program" using literature as a method to rehabilitate criminal offenders

1991 Distinguished Faculty Award from Division of Continuing Education

1989 Citation of Commendation at tenth anniversary of Center for Jewish Culture

1989 Special Medal from the University of the Azores

1988 Richard M. Fontera Memorial Award "in recognition of commitment to educating all people about the meaning of social justice, the integrity of the human spirit and the struggle for a truly democratic society"

1987 Eisner Citizenship Award "for outstanding community service"

1986 Biographical sketch in U.S. Register of American Writers: Professional Communicators in Science, Technology, and Business , edited by Robert S. Kellner, American Archives. College Station, Texas

1984 Article about professional work related to development of Jewish programs in Brown Alumni Monthly

1984 University Foundation Grant to study William Blake at British Museum

1984 Research Associate for Center for Policy Analysis

1983 NEH Visiting Fellow and Summer Seminar at Princeton

1981 American Jewish Committee Grant to participate in 12th Annual Seminar in Israel for American Academics

Professional Service:

1999- Member of the Lifestream Board of Directors

1999- 2000 Member of University’s Strategic Planning Committee

1991- Changing Lives Through Literature Program

1991- 1992 Member of the Faculty Senate

1990 Allocations Committee for New Bedford Jewish Federation

1989- 1992 Faculty coordinator for Literacy Corps Grant from the federal government

1988 Member of the Massachusetts Board of Regents Task Force on the Undergraduate Experience

1988 Central role in development and implementation of Critical Thinking Workshops on campus (funded through grant from the Board of Regents)

1987 Curriculum Workshops for General Education Program; involved in General Education issues on the campus since 1979

1986-1990 Member of the President's Guest in Residence Program Committee

1985 Developed "humanities component" for Project Success (a program for high school students preparing to enter college)

1985 Executive Committee of the Massachusetts Speech Communication Association and Editorial Board of the Massachusetts Communication Newsletter

1983 Helped develop University's presentation for Micro-Electronics Site

1981- Steering Committee and Advisory Board of the Labor Education Center

1981-1985 Contributing Editor for Compass Magazine

1980-1981 Executive Board of Faculty Federation

1980-1981 An academic representative on Board of New England Anti-Defamation League and on Board of Greater New Bedford Jewish Federation

1978-1985 Founder and Faculty Advisor for Jewish Student Service Center

1976-1980 Member of the Board of Directors of Tifereth Israel Synagogue

1976-1978 Chairman of University Admissions Committee


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